About Us


Pussitive was born out of the idea of an attitude. Positive, but with an edgy twist. The character of a pussycat: individualistic and allowing attention when it suits her. Wearing our clothes is meant to be done with playfulness and a feeling of living it up!  There is no focus on trends here.. if you love it - wear it!

Some of our pieces are vintage clothes from other brands that we have remixed with new designs. Our clothes are statement pieces; everything else you wear can be basic and simple, but these will make everything pop. They’re one-of-a-kind art pieces often with hours of painting and handcrafted art applied to them. Do you need something to wear to brunch or an exciting night out? We have you covered.

Who we are:

Puma Swede - the short version - Creative vagabond, extroverted psychonaut who loves animals, and thinks everything is possible if it’s Pussitive! Lover of velvet & a good party.

A little longer story - I made a name for myself as an adult actress. I’ve even crossed over into the mainstream sharing my story in my autobiography, giving speeches, and doing appearances. 

I’ve always been creative and had an art show in Sweden. I thought what will my creative output be in the future? I love clothes (even though I barely wear any) and art, and realized that I wanted to combine these. This is the start of my fashion brand: Pussitive, clothing with a twist. 


Jaana - I have no casual Fridays, and can turn up in embellished skirts or tops any day of the week.

I enjoy hiking and cross country skiing in Sweden's beautiful nature. I love my 20 year old cat Nelly and occasionally sipping on a gin & tonic - cheers!

I've spent time in the airline industry and have been to every corner of the world. I’m also a certified makeup artist and hair stylist. As long as I can remember I have loved glamorous outfits. I grew up watching periodical classic films. Historical and costume movies are still my favorites. I find inspiration in their hairdo's, magnificent jewelry, and stunning gowns. I also get inspiration from people-watching at cafés as well as art and photography exhibitions.